full day. im beat. but, must, blog

will butler and karen o

i have a weird job. it’s good, it’s fascinating, but it’s odd. especially with the white namebadge that i now have.

it allows me to go to total strangers and ask may i please take a picture of you and they stop what theyre doing

and say cheese. i want to say you realize ive seen you play lots of times and i love you and my friends love you

but i dont say that because id like to keep wearing my white namebadge for a while. plus they know i love em.

today was the the nominees luncheon and it was actually more star studded than i expected. bono was there.

leo, marty, meryl, lupita, spike, pharrel, jonah, sandy. all there to eat drink and bask in the fact that today theyre special.


not just normal special but special special. oscar special. which is mighty rare. rarer than people think.

if youve ever worked at a video store or even flipped through dvds at amoeba or netflix theres tons of movies out there

and very very few get to go home with that gold trophy. so days like today where everyone can just say yeah right on

are super special. the food was great the feelings were sweet and it was cool to see how short bono was. i never knew.

now im gonna sleep and sleep and sleep and in the morn convince the urologist to keep his probing probes away from me.

way more pics from today right here