did some quick ubering last night to see if i still had it

colorsalso to see what was going on in my city because id been a little out of touch for a while.

first little group of very nice ppl i picked up was at Black Hogg in silver lake on sunset. not real sure what sorta place it is but i think its one of those snout to tail meat establishments.

the kids were cool and were very giddy that they started their meal with pork buns. “say duck buns all day and try not to smile” the cute girl in the back said and her friends laughed and it’s true. DUCK BUNS. they told me about some more of the snacks they had and instructed me to take them to echo park for their actual meal which i obliged.

we became fast friends and i was a little sad when we got to echo park blvd because they seemed fun.

a few minutes later i was to a PLACE that was being listed as a STREET but the PLACE was right next to the STREET so i looked like a bozo when i went to the PLACE but fortunately the beautiful woman who looked a lot like Mila Kunis called me and said oh i see you and hopped in.

she was all Do you know where Cha Cha is? I asked, on Virgil? She said, no on Glendale. and i blanked but fortunately she gave me directions as she texted in the back and omg of course id been there, its right across from the Red Lion in Silver Lake. I was glad to see Rockaway Records was still there. thank god for vinyl i guess. but yea, Cha Cha is where ive been to parties hosted by Alie and Georgia as well as that great pic i took with Bree.

she hopped out and i saw she had a I Hate Everything patch on the back of her army jacket and i wondered if she was gonna give me a 4 star rating for being such a loser. but she did drink some water so maybe she would forgive me.

drove around a little and made my way towards Echo Park again. i wanted to go to Staples to see if a concert was letting out but got beeped by a guy leaving Mohawk Bend. he asked if i knew where the Satellite was. do i? frickin my favorite rock club in LA.

so as we drove there he told me a story about how when he first moved here he was flirting with a sorta older woman and figured he’d throw her a bone. turned out she was actually super connected and gave him free tickets to shows whenever he wanted. we agreed that one great thing about LA is you never ever ever ever know who anyone is so you probably should just be cool to everyone.

and i thought, maybe LA isnt the only place one should practice that practice.