worked the Sci Tech Awards last night in 90210


it was rad. both the hotel and the awards.

the awards are for all the ppl who make all the technologies that make film great from special effects

to computer animation to film processing to camera equipment breakthroughs – you know the reasons we secretly say wow


it was co hosted by michael b jordan (fruitvale station) and kristen bell (veronica mars)



it was held at the swanky and glamorous Beverly Hills Hotel best known as the cover photo of the Eagles’ Hotel California



even though ive lived in LA for a million years ive never set foot in the place and ive gotta say it was better than i expected


and so were the awards. the speeches were short. but everyone who won got to say something.

this gentleman said, “we are Pussy Riot in drag”.


afterwards everyone took pics with the celebs


and even co workers got in to the picture taking fun. why not, such a fantastic hotel.


but my favorite photo is this one of Academy CEO Dawn Hudson taking a pic of the hosts after the ceremonies.


i used to say if i ever got married it would be in isla vista or wrigley field, but no girl wants that.

so fine, i guess i can make it happen here. this is the valet, btw


this is something you see backstage right before you walk onto the stage: hot water, tea, and lemon so your voice is right

and a mirror for that final check


most of the winners got this special Sci Tech plaque


but two very special winners got actual oscars (sweet ass case not included)


here is a blurry picture of the menu


everything was cool there, even the mens room sign


afterwards i drove around LA for four hours with my suit still on cuz i was so happy.