uber on saturday night was fun, duh. a 15-minute recap

venice mcdonalds

started the clock in beverly hills around 10:30pm. picked up a nice lady on her first uber ride but we only went to wilshire which was fine. then got another young woman a few blocks away and she wanted to go to DTLA which was sweet. she was awesome. we hit it off big time. she told me that she doesnt drink but didnt wanna be the designated driver for her friends.

i told her that i have a friend who is on the wagon and i dont like to drink around her. she said, oh i tell my friends “if you dont drink it will be weird, so you should probably drink.” we picked up her coworker in WeHo and he was fun too. we listened to Stevie Wonder till we got to the 101 took that to the 110, got off on wilshire and boom they were good.

ended up in DTLA which i love except some of the time you’ll get an Arts District call late at night and its a little scary, gotta say. these two guys get in and one looks intimidating and is soft spoken and sits in the front seat next to me and i was all hmmm imma get robbed. but no he said take me to the 7-11. and i thought oh great we’re gonna rob it and imma be the getaway driver? perfect. but no, he wanted me to drive him and his buddy to another part of DTLA which was also a bit sketchy. but irony of ironies he says, ok you can drop us off right there by that cop car. whew. so relieved.

then picked up a guy who is in construction, but not like a construction worker but like he works for the firms that build the skyscrapers. younger guy and so smart. it was also kizmet because that night was the Big Pour where they had a guiness world record of cement that was being dumped in a hole to build the largest building west of the Mississippi in DTLA so we talked about that a little. then about the Hollywood project by the Capitol Records building and the faults there and how hard it is to build huge buildings in LA because of gas pockets or earthquake faults or sand. great guy. took him to ktown. he told me my 1920s building is fine because ppl had pride back then but his 1970s building was something to worry about.

eventually ended up in silver lake at the 4100 club where i picked up three girls who were being harrassed by a bow-tied drunk young man who wanted to party with them. he asked where they were going. they said The Thirsty Crow. he said, if i beat you there youve gotta buy me a drink, but if you beat me there i will buy you all drinks. i was thinking whiteboy you cray THEY ARE ALREADY IN THEIR CAR. but he wouldnt shut the door and they were annoyed so i just started driving slowly so the door would leave his hand. we got there in 4 mins, duh. and the girls loved me and i was hoping to swing by there again at 2am because they said they lived on the wessside but i got there later than that and they were gone. i have to start giving people like that my number so they can text me if they want. also uber should let you request drivers. ppl want who theyre comfortable with and will wait a few minutes.

around 4am i was pretty close to home but i wanted 1 more ride. got a beep from a guy near my house. but naturally he wanted a ride to Venice Beach. i was all d’oh! all day i was looking for a ride out there so of course i get him. but whatevs. we get on the freeway and he falls asleep in the back for a while then he wakes up saying hes gotta pee. for some reason i thought there was a gas station on the crenshaw exit off the 10 but there isnt. he didnt care he peed on the street. we get back on the freeway he starts singing along to Lana Del Rey and we get to the beach at 4:20am. thought about calling Mary because it was right by her house but i thought i really just wanna eat some mcdonalds fries and get home.

saddest ride: at 2am this big black girl, 3rd day in LA accepts the 3times more expensive surge rate outside of the Del Taco in Silver Lake. she wants to go to Echo Park. moved here for work but just broke up with her boyfriend up north. she tells me she was texting him how she misses him. and then later tells me she was fat shamed earlier in the night by a stranger.

actually that wasnt the saddest. the saddest was this drunk guy i picked up near a gay bar by LA Community College. he was also new to LA and an actor. he said all his castmates were mean and he was lonely bc he has no friends here yet. and i was all, bro yes its hard at first to meet ppl and make friends but hang in there. we drive to his place in WeHo and hes asking me if i have a GF and “whats my deal”? not sure what hes leading to so i bring it back to him. i say youre so lucky youre in the arts. keep a diary. all these sad nights, write them down and funnel them through your acting. acting is tough but its not impossible. Jonah Hill has a 2nd oscar nom. anythings possible here. but it helps if you can actually act. dont quit.

as he left he insisted on giving me a tip. and said, how often do you get a really great ride home. thanks.