today i woke up feeling crappy, which is impossible

loews pool

i seriously cannot get sick this week because next sunday is the Oscars

and i have a seriously important job to do that day and so i did what any idiot would do

i took an expired benedryl before i went to get my credentials this morning.

we had a huge meeting where they gave us a tour of the grounds, the red carpet, where the winners will walk after they get their award, and where all the press will be.

i even got to stand on the oscar stage. it was incredible.

but the whole time i felt miserable. sometimes bendryl can knock me out, sometimes it can make me feel normal.

and sometimes like today it made me feel like death and sick and worse than when i took it.

one of my lovely coworkers suggested i go to a pharmacy and take Sudafed.

my unofficial doctor, Shelley, suggested i drink lots of juices and water and sleep all day.

i took both of those recommendations and right now i feel so much better.

the unwritten rule in my department at the oscars is unless youre bleeding in the hospital, youre working on the big day, so handle yo business. and because it’s my first one i want to be a plus, not a minus.

so glad im feeling better. sooooo glad. thank you thank you thank you.

now lets rock this thing and have great stories to tell 8 days from now.