have i told you that in a past life i was a son of levi?


of the twelve tribes of israel there was one who made sure the church was in order

the levites.

they didnt work in the field they didnt fight in the wars

they had families and food and drink and all of that from the tithes of the tribe.

from afar it may have looked like they didnt do anything and got a free ride

but truth of the matter is they kept the community from bearing the brunt of Gods wrath

and trust me there was plenty for Him to be super pissed off about.

little known fact, when the Jews bailed Egypt with Moses when he parted the sea

not even Moses made it to the Promised Land

no, God killed everyone for whining and bitching and moaning along the journey.

the only ones who made it across were the sons of levi because they were chill.

they never said omg this free mana falling from the sky is so boring

they never said LOL water outta rocks, talk about mineral water, but its not cold!

they just accepted their fate and trusted the fire pillar at night and cloud in the day

they built temples and sacrificed the right things and burned the right incense

so that it pleased the Lord and reminded Him that there were some who got it.

and some who needed some extra learnings, thats all, they didnt mean to be asswipes.

anyways pretty sure i was a son of levi back then.

back when it mattered.