am i dying a terrible death?

build a worldyes.

do other people have serious problems too and we should also think about them and their needs?


have some pretty girls sent pretty pictures into my in box and brought smiles to my undeserving face?


did my boss give me monday off to recover even though thats the Oscar nominees luncheon and i really really really really really wanted to go and see hollywood’s stars eat wolfgang puck’s food and mingle and smile because everyones still in the race?

:( yes

have i felt any pains in my side at all today?

strangely, no

have i eaten any pain meds since 1am?


have i been eating today like a normal person?

i never eat like a normal person, and i feel gross, so ive only had a scoop of oatmeal and a little sushi.

are you really eating sushi when youre dying?

what else you want me to eat? big macs?

have you been saying ridiculous things to people via email text and etc?

more than usual, yes.

are you annoyed with pretty much everyone you run across in real life?

im not proud of that, but probably. the stray cats are fine though.

what are the odds that theyre going to put a rod up your youwho and laser blast your stones

id say its about a 50% chance.

what can we do to support you?

pray to your god to talk to my god that the next time i take a leak the stone comes out the natural way.