1. Saturday, February 1, 2014

    Didn’t plan on driving til 4am 


    But LA was magical and beautiful

    And drunk and frisky

    And wearing the shortest dresses

    And texting me the most inappropriate things

    People I had just Met omg


    I had so many customers I’m gonna have a hard time remembering them in the morning

    But let’s say I had one trip from nose to nose with the Hollywood sign down to USC

    And then got stuck in USC because the kids love Uber and hate jackets

    And right when I decided no more USC sorority girls I’m going home, I had just driven thru the mcdonalds and got beeped. Finally found the guy and he says Sherman Oaks

    Turns out he’s a guitarist named James who only wanted to talk about van Halen and rush. And I was all I’m right there with you buddy.

    Strangely had two separate fares from the Edison.


    5 ppl on e
    24 drunk folk maybe 28
    14 USC ppl
    9 frat/soror
    7 lgbt
    1 guy who knew how much a pound of great weed should cost
    1 guy who said, “driver, do you know where to get coke?”
    2 people who realized as we approached they had locked their keys inside their home “get ready for climbing” one guy said to the other
    1 hairdresser who alerted me that hologram clothes “are back in a major way”
    1 producer who was exhausted from karaoke
    1 freshman girl who had a bad date with a frat guy but had the best attitude about it, “I ate sushi and got a great dress out of it”
    3 Brits, one named Tim
    Learned about Empire of the Sun and Disclosure
    Ate two tacos, some fries and a half a chicken sandwich
    2 birthday girls
    2 guys I only talked to on the phone bc they wandered in the hills of Hollywood and couldn’t find their way to the street and didn’t seem to care. La la la