everyone dies in the end


if i wrote a movie thats what id call it.

everyone always wants to know the end of the story, well there it is.

these last two weeks ive felt closer to death than ever before

and ive been talking to people and reading about people who are knocking on heavens door

and its not the movie i thought i was buying a ticket to.

this morning i felt so good i was nearly skipping. tonight im limping.

i feel like django shot me in the side with an invisible bullet and because God is great every couple of days it heals but then django just shoots me again when im not looking. et tu, django?

1967CES_05up until this point of the movie nothing no one has ever been able to do to me has stopped me

growing up i had lots of things against me, just like you may have had.

but today im feeling minnesota and the things i have to do are outweighing

the things i wanna do.

just like someone you know who recently died, i feel like just curling up in a ball.

thats what heroin is. in fact if i made a movie about heroin thats what id call it

heroin, the curling up in a ball story.

al gore did not invent life for us to just curl up.

we are here to rock out

with our private parts out.

the good book says we are here to make a joyful noise unto the lord probably because just like us he loves rock concerts and thats who we are to him.

i dont know much but my guess is he gets inspired by us. and what happens when you get inspired? you do killer shit you didnt expect.

and, sad, desolate, boo hoo victims of the world, heres the good news about your pain

the prettiest flowers bloom when it thinks its gonna die.

so no, do not curl up your petals my sweet tulip

stretch those fuckers out and say

im not dying,

im just warming up.