got my first trip to the airport tonight


you always hear cabbies hoping they can get a trip to the airport like its some huge deal.

mine was nice because the girl was great.

after work i headed west because i have this strange idea that people in venice wanna use uber to come to hollywood

so on the way there i got this bright idea to go to century city because it was after work for them too

and those ppl got money and with all those skyscrapers theres gotta be tons of potential riders

and sure enough as soon as i turned on avenue of the stars i got beeped to go to CAA


unfortunately that lady wanted to go pretty much across the street at the nearby hotel

i didnt get discouraged, i went by century and boom a call from a cool girl who was unpacking her moms trunk

with… luggage. we’re going to LAX, obviously, she told me. but you know theres no obviouses in life.

she coulda wanted to go to long beach or burbank, anythings possible, i thought but went down santa monica

to the 405 even though the map was all yo its traffic, ninja.

“we’ll just get off and take sepulveda if it sucks,” she said when i tolder i was gonna jump on the 405 and risk it.

pretty girl, smart, knows the roads, headed to vegas, says she goes there 30 times a year

because she likes to dance at this one particular night club.

no not professionally, for fun. she loves house. and loves to dance from 3am to 8am and the party with the djs.

never been to coachella.


she says she goes there so often that the curb guys know her and because its vegas and southwest

and they have flights like all the time, one day she showed up and was all, how many minutes till the next one

and they said 15 minutes. and she said heres $20 get me on there!

and the bag guy ran to the left and she ran to the right, sped through security

and got on the plane just as as the doors were about to close.

was in vegas before the flight she originally had tix for took off from LA.

not only did our 405 traffic not even exist, but because we were a carpool we got there in no time

century city to LAX: $20.24. how ya gonna beat that? and you get to talk to tony pierce.

afterwards i got a bbq chicken sandwich at carls jr and waited for the phone to beep.

it didnt till i got to LMU


turned out she was in marina del rey and wanted to go to LMU,

turned out she was from tinley park. i was all omg.

took an irish guy from an italian place, ado, in venice to montana.

took these brits from barrington to bungalow.

took a guy who said once he got an uberx and it was a guy driving a Bentley.

was starting to get sleepy because i didnt get much sleep last night so i turned off the deal got on the 10

got off on overland, picked up a guy who was talking about diamonds on the phone with his dad.

then ended the night with two asian girls, one with a massive camera, who asked, do you know where Lure is?

yes i do.

as we drove away the one girl says i feel like im forgetting something.

the other girl said, keys and wallet? the first says yep.

then i go, forget your camera?

and oh did we laugh.

somehow made $75.