phillip seymour hoffman overdosed the same day bill maher took this pic

usc songgirls

of the usc cheerleaders at a super bowl party in the hollywood hills before the rain came

life is super weird and seemingly random and unconnected

but we are so connected.

the food you lay out for the kittens gets eaten by the possums

the cats starve and no more food gets laid out

so the possums turn vegan and there goes yr guarden

i had acupuncture today for the first time ever. the lady was amazing.

she asked are you afraid of needles? i said only if the needles are filled with sadness.

she said no these will release good things already in your body

first one she put in me she stuck in my bald head and right away i felt these dragons swimming through my body

slithering sorta, eating away all the bad things, making me stronger, tighter, sturdier

she put about 20 in me all around me. it smelled so nice in there.

everything was super clean but not sterile. the mat was warm.

the music was ok if you call it music it was more like a man in a box with a little cymbal

as water dripped into a deep cavernous pool.

i thought of you and colors swirled in my inner eye.

i was the safest man in the world and those dragons had a lot to eat.

walking out i stumbled on the first step. symbolic.

and then i levitated home.