probably the best part of being an undercover super hero

me and etienneis meeting the other undercover super heroes

especially when they tell you their secrets.

not the dirty ones, pervs, the awesome ones.

for example, a few years ago, as you may recall, i met young ms reyes le blanc

who told me one of her secrets about

game face.

most people, she said, think a good game face is all grrrrrrrrrr

but they’re wrong, she continued.

the best game face is, she said, and i quote, “DDD: delighted despite despair.”

if when you’re totally stressed out and angry and freaked, she concluded, and you can pull out the NBD face, you become invisible to those who are freaked out – and thus, deadly.

weirdly, one day later, something terrible happened to us and we got a motel room to collect ourselves and as soon as we got in there she said, quick take a picture

but with game face.

and it was not this one.

so she said, look, pretend the hardest youve ever pretended in your life but for just twenty seconds. this is your job. this is a game.

this is your favorite game of all.

win it with a pretty sorta smile.


and that was this one.

and then we won.