sometimes it doesnt matter what you do


you can be super nice you can offer to pay for everything you can even say you can have my car

people are gonna be suspicious or theyre gonna feel weird or theyre gonna feel bad

or worst of all theyre gonna think that theyre gonna owe you something.

its impossible to convince them that they dont owe you anything, they just have to know you.

for me theres pretty much nothing you can give me except your trust.

i dont want your money. i dont want things. i have things but thats only bc of murphys law.

same with money.

if im being cool to you its because i wanna be cool to you. thats all.

you are probably already making me happy.

the circle is already complete.

i know there are other people out there that are different than me that f all of this up.

trust me i know.

but the truth is we are here in a blink of an eye and then we’re like kansas, dust in the wind.

and far as i can tell im already half way through this roller coaster ride.

i just wanna have a good time with good people who are ready to rock

and not knee deep in their fears acting like theyre neck deep in them.

like van halen, i’ll wait, but not forever.