got a phone call today at 11am, whattya doing?


i answered, well today is saturday, im resting up so i can uber all night.

dude on the phone, one dave coehlo, said, wanna do the public address for the ucla baseball team today?

my first response was, are you kidding? hell no. ive never done that in my life.

but dave persisted and said they were in a bind and really needed me.

two hours later there i was at jackie robinson stadium


i met with the lovely rayna who introduced me to the official scorer, the scoreboard lady, the scoreboard dude, and the music guy.

we went over the promotional things they wanted me to say in between innings,

the pronunciations of everyones names, and how the mics worked. all of that took 15 minutes.

then they asked me if i wanted anything. i said yes a hot dog and a bottle of water.

20 minutes later i was welcoming everyone to the game and asking them to stand, take off their caps, and rise to honor america


yes i misprounced a few peoples names, and did some things wrong. yes the mic picked up some of the chatter in the booth.

and yes they switched out that mic and we worked on a way so it sounded better and despite the fact that ucla got crushed 8-0

i had a really fun time even though i was scared to death every minute of the 3 hour game.

you seriously cannot eat during the game because at any moment you might have to say something to the crowd.

but the best was in the 5th inning, this 6 year old girl and her parents came in the booth

and she announced the bottom of the 5th

better than me.


would i do it again: yes.

do i think they will have me back again: nope.

do i have much greater respect for PA people everywhere now: oh hell yes.