1. Thursday, February 13, 2014

    White basketball player, older, Midwest accent 


    Starts talking about Jersey. Then about the mafia.

    I said I didn’t know any connected kids played hoops in Jersey. Or I should say, I didn’t know of any that were any good.

    He was all, ah ha, you’re right. That’s because I’m not from Jersey, I’m from Chicago.

    I was like what part? He starts talking and turns out he was recruited by DePaul back in the day. I was all yeah I know them. He quizzed me.

    I was are you crazy? Mark Aguirre, Terry Cummings, the focal Ray Meyer. I said g I watched them in the little gym before they moved to the Rosemont Horizon.

    Bro was impressed and started showing me pictures if his ladies.

    I said ah yes yes. But I was driving. Why would you want me to not keep my eyes on the road.

    We go from Hollywood to Santa Monica. He says keep the engine running, Rosemont.

    After 5 mins I call. I say you good? He asked, is the meter running? I said affirmative. He goes good. Be down in 5.

    Something tells me it’ll be more than 5. But at least I got to write you.