you know who else is feeling crappy? your bff Danielle, but in her heart


from her keeping it real blog the other day:

Cant live by the Russian Metronome.
Too damn Cool Hand Luke.
Too Damn Gary Cooper.
Too Damn John Ford.
Where are my GlenGarry leads?
I had to just say I am done.
And It will be really hard.
But what gives I ask.
They say you cant move expecting to solve your problems
for your problems will travel with you.
I dont know man
I have lived in SOCAL for 15 plus years
and there aint nothin new.
I got to change something.
I cant live like this
or I literally will kill myself.
I do, I do, I want so badly to be dead
and I am SO SORRY to say that UNIverse
but it is true
I am so so sad and lonely
so UNHAPPY with everything

we’ve all been there. none of us thinks a super cool super smart babe with a masters could get there too

but yes. even her. even in san dieger. even with her mind wide open to possibilities.

it’s heartbreaking and sad because what can we tell her? what can we do?

the answer is the same answer for all of us: keep digging your way out.

aim for the light. listen for the sounds. even in darkness theres a glimmer of brightness

go for it. remember The Bride in Kill Bill: keep punching out of the impossible jam.

keep punching, keep fighting. keep doing the one thing you can.

because if you stop.

it stops.