today was long and stressful and amazing and… wet

red 2

but the best part was i just said, i need to get some pictures of the progress of the red carpet.

so i got out of my chair and just walked through the hotel and got down there

and i was surprised how many people were there

people everywhere. everyone was lining up their shots, getting the light right

figuring out where they were gonna be and what they were gonna do

find out if their internet had arrived, everything.

ran into tom mac the long time stage manager at e!

best known for his off-camera laughing


a few hours after this the rain stopped and it hasnt come back since. all of this will prob dry up and it’ll be sunny tomorrow.

after work i figured i might as well watch them practice stuff in the theatre

and im really glad i did. i sat pretty close to the stage and got a great view of some elements that will be amazing

im a very lucky person. thats always been the case. but this is pretty magical.

even for me.