at lunch the leopardwolficorn said you slept plenty last night; tonight, drive


so i worked hard, was interviewed by the Daily Nexus on my way home, talked to chris and took a shower,

and i headed downtown because thats where all the people be. got a college kid going to oxy.

he was in little tokyo and a freshman from DC and an all around good guy.

its him and two other guys in a dorm that was only supposed to be for two,

but one guy is a local and is always home and the other appears very shy and is always in the room.

i told him thats good because freshman year unless youre naked you should never be in your room.

study in the library, youre in college, figure it out, but your room is the worst place for you.

then we talked about the soda pop emporium near his campus.


after i dropped him off i realized i didnt have my wallet. then i got a txt from ali that she wanted sushi

i told her id totally join her if i made my way to the beach and headed back to hollywood to get my ID

but i was beeped to go up this really curvy part of mt washington and the man wasnt very talkative

so the lady wasnt either and i was all how ya gonna be like that to me, i spent 12 minutes getting to you

dropped them off at the standard and tried to head to hollywood but was immediately hailed by a pretty girl

can you take me to 3rd street promenade? why yes i can.

DTLA to the beach is a trip i could do all day. to me its better than to the airport because you dont have to deal with the 405 or luggage or hurrying or anything and you still get $25 out of it.

she worked in a fancy office building and for some reason we started talking about movies and she said that now that the oscars are over she wants to see all the nominated films.

she said her friend illegally downloaded her and she fell asleep on it and is no longer into it.

turns out she lives in santa monica and probably was all, screw the big blue bus #10 express

i had made business cards expressly for this purpose when i found good customers who liked long rides

but in my haste i misplaced it right in my armrest, dropped her off and called ali.


ali had eaten hummus and passed out and was no longer in the mood for sushi and that was fine

because as i said i was sans wallet. and now far from home. hopefully the next ride would get me to hollywood.

nope it was a fashionable trio who wanted to go from 1 pico to abbot kinney and the girl was tipsy and lovely

and talked about nirvana and asked me to turn it up as it played and introduced me to leopardwolficorn

so i took a picture. i called mary because i always seem to wanna pee around there but shes never home.

so she said if i made it to malibu that she was at a party there, but in the meantime she’d make me a pee key

a peekey

picked up a guy in venice who had lost his voice and whispered LAX

we took washington to lincoln and right across from the del taco and the place where they race turtles

there was a DUI stop. normally i wouldnt care cuz im straightedge when i uber but: black man no wallet.

1977606_10152249023778057_93665415_ofortunately i knew of a side street behind the del taco and got off lincoln, crossed a double yellow

and cruised that back alley while 50-60 cars subjected themselves to delays without probable cause

i kept waiting for the cops to see me slide by them but they never did and we got to the airport no prob.

at that point i said imma cut my losses and head back home.

but tick tock you dont stop. dipped into westwood and picked up three ucla students going to a beverly hills party.

the dude sat next to me and the super cute asian girls sat in the back sipping coffee.

me and the guy spoke, turned out he was in the eastern mountains of france near italy.

so we parlezed une petite peut about music and when i dropped them off i said

bon nuit mays amis. and they laughed.

drove east up the sunset strip home and got beeped by the argyle hotel. called the guy he said

yep im in the argyle ill be right down. they have a tiny driveway there and were pricks about it

so i waited illegally on sunset just praying they hurry because busblog aint got no id tonight.

nice couple we drove towards burbank. there was traffic on cauhanga because of god knows what. me and the dude were content to stick it out cuz who cares it will clear up but the woman was all, make a u turn and cross the bridge across the 101.

i didnt know nothing about no bridge but boom there it was and we got across and up and over and wound through the hills of burbank and i got the best view of universal studios

and it made me miss the amphitheatre there.

and they loved me and asked if i had a card and i did and i do and now they have it

and they were funny but privacy please.