this cat let me pet him today, a first


ive been feeding these suckers for months and they wont let me get near them.

theres one that lives under the house who just zips back and forth into the hole and to the food like someones gonna eat him.

then theres others who wander over when alls clear and nibble and saunter off.

today i got home after a long day and they followed me to my door and one just sat there in front of me

and i reached down and it came and let me stroke his back.

of course i immedately washed my hands because he was disgusting and not at all soft

because hes been living in the streets of hollywood

but it was nice.


when i opened the door to find some leftover sushi to stoke him with dern fool followed me into the damn house.

his buddies werent so sure about things and i appreciate that.

i understand.

found some food, also figured a nice little tupperware bowl of water wouldnt be so bad.

turned on the tv to kennedy, kmele, and welch’s tv show the independents

and heard a Terminix commercial playing the opening strains of Hells Bells.

thanks obama

the hollywood sign is in hollywood, dont tell anyone

debbie harry hollywood signwhen i was little i didnt have any pet peeves because i didnt have the experience then of being around too many annoying people.

but as time went on i got to either know or hear about people who were crazy selfish or just bizarre.

one type of person that i am referring to is the type who moves in to a neighborhood that has a super interesting tourist attraction, or a great rock club, or a wild party scene: AND THEN THEY CALL THE COPS WHENEVER ANYONE VISITS

for example when i lived in Isla Vista, notorious for being the 1 square mile town next to the college known for good parties: there were people who would call the police whenever they heard the slightest “noise”.

it’s like, Did you not KNOW that young people in Isla Vista like to rage and have bands on their rooftops playing terrible music? How is this news to you?

likewise the residents in Hollywoodland do their best to keep tourists and tour busses and even semi-locals from driving around their beautiful neighborhood in search of a photo op beneath the Hollywood sign.

they put up street signs that lie and say “no access to Hollywood sign” and “dead end” and all this nonsense because people want to have what the residents have: a picture near the iconic letters.

that sign has been there nearly 100 years. i seriously doubt those people have been.

which is why i love this picture of Blondie’s Deborah Harry in 1979.

this is what everyone wants in their instagram feed

and the residents of Hollywoodland don’t.

i CANNOT wait for judgement day.