pretty sure i got two guys from uber in my car tonight


they were headed to the airport and they new of some new features that they said their friends hooked them up with

embarrassingly my trunk had a bunch of water in it – bottled water.

all i wanted to do was get a few bucks by driving home after work, but the first couple wanted to go to a fancy dinner

and the second guy wanted to go to venice.

next thing you know im on the westside and hungry. so i went to my favorite jack in the box on santa monica

and just as i am heading into the drive thru i get beeped to go to this house about 5 blocks away.

was these guys who loved my car. they said they sit in the back of priuses a lot. and loved my car best.

maybe they test out drivers. who knows. i made a wrong turn.

coulda been worse


yesterday i was in pasadena getting an ultra sound to see if my wonky kidney is pregnant

and when it was over i said, lets see if i can get a ride back to hollywood.

so i flipped on the uber and this rich girl wanted a ride to burbank airport.

that was a quick $25. but a bit awkward bc she didnt wanna talk.

if i was flying back east on a red eye into the cold and snow id be mighty bummed too.

both last night and tonight i called it quits early so as to rest my hands.

watched a video of these dudes jumping off the top of the world trade center

thought it was rude.