today is Quentin Tarantinos birthday, hes 51

Quentin Tarantino and miss piggy

the fact that my mom liked Django is amazing. she hates swearing.

and the miracle that my mom liked Pulp Fiction is testament to Quentin’s genius.

he bought a movie theatre in Hollywood. a little one-screener that he used to go to when he was a kid.

they have double features there and sometimes he even shows up, because hes a movie nerd.

it’s not really talked about that much, and i wouldn’t say it’s even considered “cool”.

it just is.

if you asked most people about the New Beverly i bet they wouldnt know who owns it

and if they could even tell you where it is (on beverly) theyd probably just say

it is a simple place that plays weird movies.

new beverly

sometimes if im stuck in traffic i’ll take a picture of the marquee to research the films later

quentin got the place when news was made that it was going to shutter because the landlord wanted to tear it down and build

so he bought it and said

“As long as I’m alive, and as long as I’m rich, the New Beverly will be there, showing double features in 35mm.”

actually cool.



i hope this becomes a thing: giving everything to mick jagger in your will

mickI know Mick has lots of money and things.

But why not give him all the money and things?

“I give all my jewelry, clothing, household furniture and furnishings, personal automobiles and other tangible articles of personal nature … together with any insurance on the property, to Michael Phillip Jagger,” [L’Wren] Scott’s will stipulated.

Signed on May 23, 2013, it also pointedly barred her relatives from inheriting a penny.

“I give the rest and residue of my estate to Michael Phillip Jagger. Except otherwise provided in this will, I have intentionally omitted to provide heirein for any of my heirs at the date of my death.”

Apparently his amazonian girlfriend who killed herself loved the Rolling Stone so much that she gave him about $9 million in property.

Weirdly rumor has it she was $8 mill in debt which may have lead to her early and tragic demise.

Hopefully Mick will give it to charity or something nice.

Mick Taylor might want the digs, for example.

Anyways I am slowly changing my mind about having a girlfriend who is taller than me.

It seems to pay off.

a super star of stage and screen just gchatted me

harry carayand said why dont you have any tattoos

i said omg if the bible allowed tattoos id have so many dumb and weird ones

for sure id have one for the Daily Nexus

probably one of my english teacher Robyn

tons about the cubs, AC/DC, the replacements and Tsar

probably my moms birthday on my heart

93117 in gothic across my buff back

it wouldnt end

maybe some bukowski quotes like sass has

screw it, why not a whole poem.

one behind my neck that says if lost return to 6850 Del Playa

maybe one on my chest thats a recreation of my drivers license

a bible verse or three

a picture of angus young

maybe on my belly something that looks like tacos going into my large intestine.

and yes, a tattoo of my kidney right around my faulty kidney

and of course the harry caray logo on my shoulder right where the cubs had the patch because there was only one harry and i hope people never forget him because we should all have that sort of boundless energy inside of us.

before i went to the tax man i went to the atm to see how much i could afford to pay

darth everything

i hadnt worked most of the year, but at the beginning i got some lump payments

and then none of my unemployment was taxed, plus i sold a bunch of stock to keep the spring break rolling.

surely i was going to have to pay a few grand to uncle scam

but alas, the xbi “h&r block” turned my frown upside down and ive got over a grand coming back to me

just from the golden state. so thank you jerry brown for not taxing unemployment.

i will be toasting you from the vip tent at coachella right before the replacements take the stage.

even though i know i’ll never play the lottery i do it anyways because lucky days happen

the only question is how much do you have on the table when your number hits.

i drive around and look at abandoned buildings and think of what id do if i bought it.

there used to be this place on fountain and normandie – a mud wrestling place.

its been shuttered for years and years. strange, because you can see it from the hollywood freeway

youd think any advertisement you could paint on your wall would pay the rent all by itself.

but no it sits there empty maybe because its right up against a residential neighborhood

and people would whine if drunks made too much noise in the parking lot.

found out from my pee doctor that the pee test i took was fine

he was a little disappointed that i delivered 2.5 liters of urine during the 24 hour test.

he says 2 is normal and i might be over doing it with the water, which is nice.