a super star of stage and screen just gchatted me

harry carayand said why dont you have any tattoos

i said omg if the bible allowed tattoos id have so many dumb and weird ones

for sure id have one for the Daily Nexus

probably one of my english teacher Robyn

tons about the cubs, AC/DC, the replacements and Tsar

probably my moms birthday on my heart

93117 in gothic across my buff back

it wouldnt end

maybe some bukowski quotes like sass has

screw it, why not a whole poem.

one behind my neck that says if lost return to 6850 Del Playa

maybe one on my chest thats a recreation of my drivers license

a bible verse or three

a picture of angus young

maybe on my belly something that looks like tacos going into my large intestine.

and yes, a tattoo of my kidney right around my faulty kidney

and of course the harry caray logo on my shoulder right where the cubs had the patch because there was only one harry and i hope people never forget him because we should all have that sort of boundless energy inside of us.