An Uber guest post from an old high school buddy


by Scott Van Maldegiam

Most of the people I come into contact with while driving for UberX are great people. The 1 to 2 percent that aren’t make for great stories. Here is one of them:

Actually, before I get into the story, a little background. Uber relies on the accuracy of the location given by the device requesting the pickup. It is accurate most of the time, but for various reasons, it occasionally can be inaccurate. With that out of the way, back to the story.

On Friday night around 10:30pm, I was driving north on Lakeshore Drive (LSD) about to get off at the Belmont exit when I got a ride request. The pickup location was showing that it was behind me on LSD. For those that don’t know, that portion of LSD is like an expressway with limited on and off points and no lights. It would be highly unusual for someone to want a pickup there. So I called the rider. Here is the conversation that ensued…

Rider (R): Hello?

Me (U): Hi, this is Scott, your Uber driver. Can you tell me where you are?

R: I am on the street. (with an obvious drunken slur)

Me: Ok. Can you tell me what street you are on?

R: I am on the street. (In a louder voice. I guess she thought if she said it louder, I would magically know where she was)

Me: I am sure you are. But what street are you on?

R: I am on the right side of the street. Are you a moron? It isn’t that f’n difficult.

Me: I understand, but the pin point shows you on LSD.

R: I am on the street waiting for you to pick me up. (she then proceed to start swearing at me and basically calling me an idiot)

Me: Can you tell me if you are on Belmont… Sheffield… Broadway… Sheridan…

R: Yes, I am on Sheridan. I told you at the beginning.

Me: Thank you for telling me that you are on Sheridan. I now know you are not at your pin point. Can you tell me where on Sheridan you are?

R: (insults and lots of swearing ensued)

Me: Since you are not willing to help me find where you at, I suggest you determine where you are and request another UberX, specifying your current location.

I hung up and cancelled the ride not charging the customer a cancellation fee.

At the time, I was frustrated as I don’t enjoy getting insulted and swore at, but as I retold this story during the night, my riders found it entertaining. I guess everyone likes a good story.