1. Tuesday, March 11, 2014

    creepiest Old Spice commercial ive ever seen 

    over slept this morning. faint idea why. my phones my alarm clock and i think i got my phone in the blankets

    for some reason the radio signals can get through a 99 year old apartment

    but not through a cheaply made bangladesh blanket purchased at target.

    usually i wake up before my alarm but daylight savings time is the devil.

    until of course youre leaving work and my eyes my eyes oh thats the sun

    the beautiful californian sun

    wishing you welcome to an after work special.

    my maid comes tomorrow so no way can i oversleep as she would wake me up.

    i put an extra $5 in her envelope because every dish i own is in the sink

    including the tupperware because i ran out of bowls.

    i should probably give her an extra $10