did you know theres valet at the baskin robbins in silver lake


nothing in here is true. thats how rumors get started. this is sass rocking the napcore stylz.

she asked to see what i was doing for brunch and i realized that the reason canadians love brunch so much

is because theres an unnecessary u in there.

we sat inbetween a bunch of people on the patio who thought it was cute to bring their little dogs along.

im sorry but i love dogs however the last time i checked this wasnt paris.

i dont see kanye up in this piece, leave yr dogs at home.

all they get to do is walk around under your table, smell, and wish they were back home


sass gave me a sticker and i realized i probably need stickers for a variety of reasons besides the fact that ppl should have stickers

this guy has a great sticker. whoever he is. i want stickers of all my friends. id stick a todd francis over here

a ben sullivan over there. a couple jeanine natalies under there.

it could be a thing. faces of people all everywhere.

that would give the under table dogs something to look at.


had the Devil’s Mess: three scrambled eggs with turkey sausage.

because its silver lake not only was everything organic and local, but it was so sustainable that

you only got to eat them right after they gave birth to their replacements.

the egg yolks came from discarded mcdonald yolks from their egg white mcmuffins.

next time i need to remember to ask for no onions because it was fantastic.

sass invited me to go to kung fu with her but im a pacifist.