i want this poster

katie and ali

katie and ali are lovely young ladies and yet this picture both fills me with joy and a tiny bit of dread

joy because if youve ever hung with either of these women you’d know how fun they are

and how much love they have for great music.

dread because the shirt katie is wearing (probably ironically) is from a concert i saw

(probably before she was born) in Long Beach of Iron Maiden

that was later released on record (cassette and cd) called “Live After Death”.

indeed you can hear Bruce Dickinson yell “scream for me Long Beach” (probably ironically)

during the anthemic “2 Minutes to Midnight”

why does this give me dread?

because it makes me feel soooo old.

and yet lucky, cuz that was a bad ass concert. we were 10th row because my (rich) friend (rob) was obsessed.

weird fact: Twisted Sister opened and insulted some kids for not standing up for their (lame) set.

Dee Snyder had the spotlight guy aim the beam at them in the cheap seats

and try to get the crowd to chant “F You” at the longhaireds

the crowd also wanted TS to get off the stage so none of us complied

and the stoners just flipped off the make-up faced singer and they finally stopped.

and then darkness… and then Eddie appeared on stage.

and the rest is why pretty girls wear that tshirt a million years later (hopefully)