I’m at the first place I ever worked


McDonald’s in Santa Monica on Santa Monica.

I can’t believe I worked here 29 years ago. How is that possible?

Time flies so fast airplanes don’t even crash into the sea anymore they just zip right into the next dimension.

Do not pass go.

Do not collect $3.35 an hour.

Sometimes I’m really happy I’ve done so much in the 30 years I’ve been in Cali. Sometimes it’s hard to believe.

The Olympics was happening here when I worked here. The Cubs had a good team. Breakdancing was new.

I had a crush on this Mexican girl. I drove a Caddy. I thought for sure I was gonna be able to take her to see Bruce’s Born in the USA tour at the Sports Arena,

but this other kid we worked with broke down some French Fry boxes in the back and started breakdancing and you could just see it in her eyes.

He won. Fair and square.


So I just drove my grandmas caddy back to the beach, a loser.

Another day, another $2 an hour after taxes.

This place looks so much better now.

I’d hope so after three decades.