1. Saturday, March 1, 2014

    miraculously i have a credential that says all access 


    to an event thats pretty impossible to get into,

    for an event thats so important each one is basically historical,

    and things are so intense that several of us were given hotel rooms on the premises

    so we can do our work all the way through the big show and be able to crawl to our rooms that night

    and they feed and pay us, which is super classy on top of it all.


    saw some things in rehearsals that are totally forbidden for me to even remember

    let alone talk about, especially on al gores internet but the fuzzy glow that i recall makes me think

    that whatever you do you need to tune in sunday on abc for the show because


    its 2:12am, and i think my day is done.

    love you mean it