Prince played the Palladium today


I didn’t go.

It was $100, cash. But I woulda paid if I knew he’d play all his hits

With a horn section.

For four hours.

He never plays hits at gigs like that.

I got burned by his troubadour gig. And last night he didn’t play any hits.

Tonight: hits for days while I drove LA around LA.

Don’t get me wrong, I had fun tonight. But I have notifications from several accounts including @drfunkberry who would tweet: RASPBERRY BERET. or PURPLE RAIN

it was killing me. For hours this went on


Meanwhile three adorable black girls tried to buy me drive thru but it’s almost bikini season

I took EDM stars Zedd is Dead to their gig, I took these Armenian guys from bel aire to DTLA and they stuffed my shirt pockets with ones and fives as their ecstasy kicked in.

the lesbians were interesting

As were the stewardesses

But I feel terrible for the sad guy from NYC who just wanted a burger at the chateau and when I told him prince was playing he asked me if they had food there.

I said no. And he probably wasn’t gonna play the hits.

He said oh is the laugh factory good? I said well Dane cook is tonight, you like him?

He said he’d never heard of him.

I said maybe you should try the comedy store.

I shoulda said it’s prince. Pay the money.