saw the grand budapest hotel yesterday with bree

grand budapest hotel

we hadnt chatted in a while and yesterday i really wanted to see the new wes anderson bad

before anyone spoiled it. it was super warm out but i didnt care, i needed to see this film.

was pooped from driving all night so when i saw there was a 4:20 showing at the cinerama dome i was all ha

bill murrayso i texted bree with just two words

4:20 arclight.

her response was simple and the way all of them should be

ahhhh i gotta jump in the shower. post hike.

picked her up at 4, the place was only about 80 filled even though theres only 2 places in LA showing it

and 2 in NYC. i believe it will be going wide next weekend. we noticed will ferral at the concession stand.

i adore wes anderson movies. but this one, im not so sure.

i loved the acting the look the music the artistry and magic.

but it almost seemed like a parody of itself in retrospect. the symmetry and style.

the moustaches the kids the bill murray.

maybe it’s impossible to successfully followup on Moonrise Kingdom?

maybe it’s hard to make great movie (Rushmore) after great movie (Fantastic Mr Fox) after great movie (The Royal Tennenbaums)

you think maybe there needs to be more blood or drama or at stake but then you realize all of those things are in there but for some reason it’s not enough. not even close.

in school they taught us that all great stories follow a basic principle: introduce lovable characters, fuck with their lives, and then show how they cope.

12 years a slave, gravity, even Toy Story 3 all understood this and did it, and Wes does too but it turns into feels here.

when i left i felt weird for not loving it. even the audience forced itself to applaud at the ending.

today i see i was not alone in my meh feeling

“I’m even forgetting it as I’m remembering it, as if it had been no more than a dream.” – the spectator uk

“Europe is just this nutty place where a lot of crazy mixed-up stuff happened and look at this darling model ski lift! That’s Wes Anderson: He can’t see the forest for the twee.” – ny post

Even those of us who genuinely look forward to the cinematic adventure that is each and every Wes Anderson film can be disappointed. – kirk honeycutt