1. Friday, March 21, 2014

    she asked me if ive ever been satisfied 

    te amoi said for like a year, two years?

    she said, how about for two months?

    she said youre like a shark always moving, but a nice shark, a toothless one.

    i said you need no teeth to eat mrs jim’s beef.

    she was all your jokes merely mask your pain can you ever be serious?

    i will be serious for one drink, senior, tequila s’il vous plait.

    what pain are you covering up, she asked looking straight in my eyes

    an old xbi trick.

    i said, i only have three sources of pain: the cubs, my regrets

    and the fear of not becoming an ice cream man guy in Heaven.

    she said i thought we said no jokes for one drink.

    drink aint here yet, bb.

    what do you regret. name one.

    i regret not going to prague with my friends after college.

    she said, well i can alleviate that weird black cloud.

    whys it gotta be black?

    she said, i can see into the past and you would have married a czech girl, knocked her up

    and youd never have started the busblog.

    i said, the world could have survived without one more blog.

    the drinks arrived, we clinked, we shot and she said

    yeah but you wouldnt have.