todays earthquake made me feel my mortality, like big time

jesus on sunset

couldnt sleep well last night. kept tossing and turning and waking up, which is rare for me. usually i sleep like a big fat old man.

aint going no where. aint doing nothing. just sleeping and doing his best not to dream. dreams are a fools game.

get what you came for during the awake parts. thats why theyre the bigger part of the pie chart.

but there i was tossing and twisting and waking up an hour after i fell asleep and even dreaming.

i had a dream that bruce springsteen had fallen in the river and i was trying to call 911

but everything is all screwy in dreams and there were no 9s on my dream phone.

and even though some other guy was calling 911 too *I* wanted to be the one that saved The Boss.

and then i woke up a little and i heard the thunder that was the oncoming tremblr

irish for a dayand then i felt the shaking of my 100 year old apartment building and man it was hard.

and i could sense the walls caving in and the upstairs coming down on me and the life going out of me and

aint nothing they could even put in that casket except me squashed wearing an AC DC tshirt

and Simpsons pajama pants. thats how the busblog came to an end.

but alas the roof never fell in and the life was still in me and i went to twitter with the others

and we all chirped like birds do.

here i am! here i am! here i am!

throughout the day i wondered how i woke up exactly 30 seconds before the thunder sound

nothing wakes me when im asleep. not even these so called dreams.

i aint fraid of no ghost. i live in the safest street in LA. plus i aint got nothing of no value in here.

think im cray?

all thats in here is books i dont read, some old magazines, moldy shoes, and beefaroni.

a football helmet signed by OJ, a wii, some white tube socks etienne tried to dispose of and two bowling balls.

i am not waking up if i hear a bump in the night because if the guy steals my crap: good

and if he tries to kill me im going to heaven so leave me be im sleeping over here.

but still i woke up. and that interests me. i woke up an hour before the buzzer and 30 seconds before boom.

ive been called psychic before but then how come i cant win this $400 million lottery? like ever?

why dont i ever know when someone wants me or when someone hates me?

why do i always lose at fantasy sports if i can see into the future?

today i ubered and i was on the wessside and i wanted to go east young man and eventually i did.

eventually one ride got me to weho and the next got me to regular ho.

now its 1am and im brushing, flossing, praying, and i promise you there will be no more dreams.

the boss was saved.

he went down to the river, and the river was dry.