1. Thursday, March 13, 2014

    tragedy at sxsw 


    my favorite place in the whole world is austin texas during sxsw.

    unfortunately we dont always get to be where we want to be all the time.

    tonight a drunk driver plowed through dozens of people in austin

    2 died and lots others are injured.

    it’s the first time ive ever been relieved im not at sxsw because red river street, where the tragedy happened is where id been many many times.

    ive seen dinosaur jr, thurston moore, be your own pet there

    ive stood there in the dark, in the rain, in the sun

    tonight x was on and tyler the creator was about to go on.

    why arent there breathalyzers in cars? why cant we figure out that booze and driving kills people

    and the people who should make the right decision sometimes are too drunk to do it.

    why cant we invent technology that can figure that out and stop it before its too late.

    my favorite place in the world tonight isnt so wonderful right now.

    im very glad that some of my friends checked in on social media

    wishing the rest would.