other night i ended up in hermosa and rancho pv, tonight it was santa monica


and venice. where i picked up bro who stepped into my car and was all

dude, im so faded.

sat right next to me.

we cut through an alley in venice and zig zagged until ocean park and aimed for smc.

he asked where i was from. like right away. it must have been my cubs hat.

when youve lived in cali for most of your life, talking about chicago is all about the past

its safe. its the furthest thing from talking about your sorest subject: the xbi undercover superhero company

aka uc isla vista.

bro goes where you from? i said, ive lived here for thirty years.

he doesnt reek of weed. he sounds weird but that could be anything. is he part native american?

he said, yeah but where are you from.

i said shhhh cah go.

the radio alerted me via a message on the nav that led zeppelin was about to play on a different station.

i clicked yes on the screen and as we talked “thats the way” played in the back


bro said he goes to chicago about every three weeks or so.

for business. he likes the weather. enjoys appreciating summer.

sure he was young and had a strange accent but he really didnt seem all that “faded”


he started getting almost emotional about isla vista.

yes, he too was a gaucho. is a gaucho.

and a real one.

he expressed some guilt about the women he dated and it was super sweet.

i said heres the best thing about leaving isla vista. which is something he felt the need to do.

i said, the best is using all the great things youve learned.

when we stopped he said i want to give you a tip, can you please flip on the light?

and heres another thing ive learned about driving the uber:

have change.

some people just get inspired and want to give you money but theyre not gonna give you a $20

even if theyre faded.


earlier in the night i remembered that this AA meeting happens at a church near the beach.

and around the time i figured the meeting would let out, i made my way there

because how nice would it be to have an uber waiting for you after a meeting if you have a dui

i sat and cleaned the car a little, picking up the trash, straightening the floor mats

cleaning the seats.

while listening to baseball.

got a beep to go towards the palisades and when the guy got in he asked what game is that

i said, its opening day, who cares what game it is, i think its the angels

and we drove off and talked about the super sonics

and how excellent their uniforms were.