the rain is coming down and its nice because its rare


its also cold and windy and not at all like april in LA its more like december but whatevs

it’ll be over by sunrise.

it’s 1:22am and this pretty girl was worrying about life the universe and everything

10150002_10152302045543057_390509881_ncosmos was on and she was all, wow if the universe is really that big then we are seriously worthless.

if we are a speck of dust on a speck of dust surrounded by millions of other specks

in world of specks, then who cares?

the rain hadn’t come down yet but it was fixin to.

i said theres a few things we can do with this information: we can let it bum us out

or we can say wow out of all of those specks, we’re the only ones

with pants.

we’re the only ones with taco bell.

which means, we might be the only one that God really does pay attention to.

i said, i bet there are thousands of planets that God really digs for one reason or another

like maybe one is really pretty or one is really smart

but computers were really just starting to take off in the 80s and boom ten years later so many people had the internet

thats almost as smart as pants.


theres a leak by my fridge and when it rains i have to make sure the bucket it under the leak.

i have a little flashlight back there just for nights like these where ive gotta adjust the bucket

because its near the fridge it means its also near the freezer

so i came back with two bowls of ice cream.

and a can of whipped cream.

fuckers on planet zip aint made no whipped cream outta a can, i said.

and we turned off cosmos for the night.