mark was in town so he said lets have dinner with jeanine


so i was all, well we’ve gotta go eat sushi then cuz its right by her house.

huge mistake because he was coming from los feliz, and i was coming from the miracle mile

going that way in rush hour was a challenge but i thought about you the whole way so it wasnt bad

and i listened to the cubs game.

and i listened to Mr Little Jeans whose record just came out


sometimes kanpai is good, sometimes it’s terrific, sometimes it’s really terrific.

last night it was super great. everything melted in our mouths we couldnt get enough

they have these coupons on but the catch is you have to spend twice as much as the coupon

so i had to order two rolls to go to hit our number and the total, tax included was $75

so i added an extra $20 tip because peter is the best and i was out of there paying for three of us

for under $100, it was amazing.