for being so well read i havent read much


but one book i loved was Vurt about some crazy ass shhh over in London and one of the parts is about taxi cabs

i think if uber ever goes out of business or the supreme court says it’s unconstitutional i’ll just be a cabbie

anyway in Vurt the author Jeff Noon, just randomly throws out this idea of all the cabbies

being plugged into the vibe of the city and annoying dudes get into my car, loud, in groups

well dressed, ragging on each other playfully and somewhat mean-ish

and they ask me where the partys at and i tell them hollywood but they wanna stay downtown

and its like, dude, im plugged in, i know where the partys at, and the after party

but even when i show them that pizza is one two three blocks away they dont tip me after i waited for them

way too long.

so you know maybe its ok that theyre in dtla at a bar where no girls ever are

been drinking enough anyways.

one thing Vurt tells you though: trust the system, it will bring you the rider you need at the right moment


picked up a guy who was friends with the psychic to the stars but he never divulges who his customers are

because hes professional, g, and that would be breaking confidentiality.

but we figured it out. some of them at least.

bro was saying how psycics dreamhouse cost $10 million.

if a million dollar house’s mortgage is $4,000 a month, which is insane, then a ten million dollar crib

is $40k – every month. for a house. doesnt anyone watch cosmos? dont you know we are a speck in the solar system

and our solar system is a speck in the galaxy? and our galaxy is just one of millions

and not only does none of it matter, but your house matters the least

unless its oozing with love.

ive picked up the prettiest people from some of the coolest homes who have some of the ugliest hearts.

the entire spectrum rolls in LA.

and then some folks pop out of these average looking apartments or street corners or bars

and you can tell their houses overflow with love

because theyve got some smeared on their collar hold still

and their energy is contagious and never ending


but not everyones totally bad. none of us are.

speeding down skid row with the business suits, one of them said something mean about the homeless on 6th street

and, god bless em, another one of the guys spoke up saying, thats not cool man.

and the dude tried to follow it up with another lame line

and the guy repeated again, thats not even cool. shut up.

someone realized those are actual people are living in boxes and little tents and cardboard shacks

not even four blocks from money money money things things things

all these buildings are going up in DTLA, one of them will be the tallest west of chicago

for people who already have homes.

this is probably the only speck in the galaxy that builds houses next door to homeless people

and wont build a few extra stories so they can live in them too.

we were born for magic.

and oozing love.

but we get so distracted.

sorry, i get so