who brings a bat to a hornets nest convention?

riot cops

1. cops need to knock this off

2. kids need to stop parking on del playa during busy nights

3. college needs to allow free parking on campus on busy weekends for anyone with a student ID

4. county needs to stop limiting residence’s access to live music, it only causes anger and resentment

5. kids need to stop inviting their idiot friends to IV on busy weekends

6. cops need to be transparent before during and after they use non lethal weapons including chemicals

7. university needs to take responsibility for what happens in Isla Vista, that includes communicating expectations and procedures

8. this has been going on for 50 years, the police can’t pretend they won’t know what is bound to happen, when they show up in force and parade down the party street spraying  chemicals on the people. there needs to be a plan in place before Halloween that explains what the goals are and what will happen at Halloween, and that plan should be made public.

9. the plan should be one that does not allow for chemicals or projectiles being shot at the people. lets all grow up.