today is rex manning day

licorice pizza

one nice thing about being as old as the hills is ive had a bunch of cool jobs filled with awesome people

so when i saw Empire Records when it came out it reminded me of my time at Licorice Pizza Records

which was pretty much exactly like Empire Records except we had cooler employees.

our manager ended up being a public radio star who picks music for your favorite tv shows

another guy ended up picking all the best books for the best book store in hollywood

there were musicians, teachers, artists, everything youd ever want.

i learned so much from the people i got to work with.

but the biggest lesson i learned was: always go for the job / girl / dream that you want.

after working at mcdonalds, my first job, for a few months i was all: i wanna work at a record store.

when Gary Calamar interviewed me, he brought me to the office in the back (just like in the movie) and there were album covers all over the walls.

he said, talk about some of these records.

i said, oh well there’s Pete Townshend’s “Scoop”, tons of demos and unreleased stuff from the Who songwriter, there’s a 12″ from Springsteen which has a b-side thats terrible which is sad cuz i love the Boss, there’s Prince’s Purple Rain – one of the few artists who played a week at The Forum. Only other person who has done that was Neil Diamond…

and i got the gig.

always follow your dreams.

it’s what Rex Manning would do.

above: The Licorice Pizza, West LA crew partying in Westwood circa 1986