not everything has to be perfect to be fun



a while ago my buddy andy said hey if you wanna crash on our couch at coachella just holler

turned out it was in a super awesome huge house with its own pool hot tub and amazingly comfortable couch.

for some reason i said no until i found out that some uber drivers were making big money out there

so despite the fact that i pretend money doesnt matter i high tailed it out there and

didnt have a good time trying to make money but totally had a good time just enjoying the desert.

and andys friends and the people i ubered and learning a very difficult puzzle

while avoiding the cop convention.



my favorite rides were the free ones.

right at the peak of one of the moneymaking parts i spent an hour trying to find, finding, and driving andy home.

that was frustrating at first because i was trying to go in while everyone was trying to go out

and the police and technology and everything was against me.

but then it became better when i realized i had become all the things i hated and i needed to be opposite.

i knew i had turned the corner when a vision appeared in the form of a young lady with a dimple

and roller blades

who glided toward my parked car, thumb extended

parking lot hitch hike? ha. ok.

if you hadnt heard there was a sandstorm on saturday and this was saturday night and for some reason

she wasnt allowed to just roll into coachella avec wheels.

she lived near where we were staying and when i approached the main gate at her spread

she was all, this is me, unless you wanna come in.

she had just taught me about the streets in indio being numbers north south

and dead presidents east west

i gaver my card and sped off into the unknown because it was only midnight after all



in the morning i had no regrets which is how life should be but did i have any stories

everyone else had.

some had ventured off to the neon carnival the super exclusive party of the year

djs models actors rappers ferris wheels free booze and all that goes with all of that

some had done things they hadnt done since college

and some had driven in the darkness searching for something other than what is caesars

it was sweet how the cold and wind and scariness that was the night had turned into the calm with the dawn



even though ive been burned before, i have an odd pleasure out of leaving places early.

i stopped by the uber lounge to see if anyone was in need of a ride to LA

stopped into some drive thru and listened to howard stern all the way home interview dan rather

who went to vietnam for a year as the anchorman of cbs news back in the day

who had to do the impossible: follow walter cronkite

it was a fascinating conversation and it made me realize how beautifully some people like rather speak

he said mark cuban lets him do anything he wants to do


when i got home i took a nap while watching nardwaur interview riffraff

woke up and had a long conversation with your bff jeanine natale

then read second chronicles which i’m almost finished with

because i dont want to do what is evil in the sight of the lord

and while i did i had art tatum on but he was just showing off so much it was distracting.

then mad men, game of thrones and turned off the lights and opened the front door

because i hadnt seen blanket in way too long

he was startled after his secret door suddenly shut while he was out exploring

and he dashed around the corner like he had been spotted without pants

and he hadnt returned for days

bu there he was, just now,

and hungry.