etienne says hi. she says she wasnt in the chilian fire

etienneor the earthquake. or the sink hole. or the flash flood.

instead shes interviewing at the santiago daily newspaper trying to get a job so as to put food on the table.

right now shes very skinny and forced to wear left over sweaters created in strange lands

we dont chat that often because of uber and life and celebrity demands on both of us.

but we like each others things on instagram and will occasionally send a link of something to each other.

thats the way some of my best relationships are.

heres a heart on the picture of you on insta, i still think youre awesome. heres a like.

of course any like i get from pretty girls means they love me and want to marry me

so my brain says.

where was this rule written?

in my optimistic heart. the same one that says if the cubs win a game they will win it all.

the same one that buys lottery tickets even though i barely get one number right.

the same one that says oh you can eat ten tootsie rolls instead of dinner

and then at midnight says oh you havent eaten dinner, lets get you dinner.

the same one that says oh you are twice the age of everyone at coachella: then you should go go go.

and now i must go.

etienne is having a birthday soon.

id get her a gift but it takes a year for her to receive it.