He was all I want to write her a love poem.

I stopped at the light, kept my head looking forward and said you don’t wanna write any love poem.

Yes I do. YES I DO! He laughed knowing that he did wanna write not just one but many.

Dude, chicks don’t like love poems.

Why not?

Because they come from spazzes like us. Only time they’d actually want one is from some lunkhead who couldn’t write a good one in the first place.

Are you suggesting we start ghostwriting? He asked. Because if you are, I’m down.

I didn’t tell him no because back in the day the love poem market was sweet.

computers broke, moose out front shoulda told you so

march of the penguins

something happened somewhere. might have been my fault. probably was.

computer’s broke. going to the apple store tonight to see what can be done about it.

heat probs, im guessing. me getting a chinese power adapter might not have helped.

or putting it on my bed blanket every night while thinking of things to write to you probs didnt help.

we’re all just marching to our doom, arent we? probs.

at least we have iphones to write to each other with though.