today is Wrigley Field’s birthday, it’s 100


when I first was taken there it was love at first sight

There were no lights.

There were more versions of green than Eskimos have for snow.

Even though I was but a lad, I was offered a beer.

By a man carrying two cases of ice cold Old Style by a leather strap over his shoulders.

A sole organ provided the musical accompaniment.


If your mom gave you $10 you could get a bleacher seat for $3, a beer for $5 and a hot dog for $2

All the games were on free tv, WGN, channel 9.

Nowadays everything’s different.

But somehow no matter all the creative ways that everyone’s tried to ruin it, the magic and spirit and soul remains in that very unique park.


Happy birthday, Wrigley Field,

The last great ball park where the games would have to stop when the sun went down.

May the sun forever find it’s way on your ivy.