today i still dont have my laptop. it’s broke. im probably to blame

bears schedule

i got a cheap chinese power adapter to replace my worn out one that was broken because the cord was getting exposed from use.

the computer is now in the capable hands of Solomon from Tsar

he didnt seem very happy about fixing it, but he never does, and when he does he gives it great care.

but he lives far away from me now and has kids and a wife and dogs and goats and a pig called piggy that he has to wash and read to

so when i said where can i drop it off he said give it to Ben and Ben will give it to me because they work together at nasa.

secretly. (shhhhh.)

so yesterday i was all screw this these are my friends i dont wanna burdon them, im made outta money lemm just go to the apple store

but solomon has a password to the chip in my head and he saw what i was up to and im sure he wanted to insert more spyware into my macbook

so Ben texted me and said yo imma be home at 8 dont be late so we met and all was well and hopefully now jeff is making it better

when i asked Ben if i was pissing solomon off, he said, well he does manage people who manage people who manage people who do this now

but then he said, but it’s good for jeff to remember where he came from.

which is why ben should run for mayor of LA one day

(i should hook him up with my hot neighbor.)