such a strange 24 hours


was sick then wasn’t sick then felt like barfing then headaches then nothing. Then good.

For some reason after work I felt good enough to uber. So I did. And I was busy non stop.

Picked up a girl who thought aloud if she should stop by the weed store. I asked it’s 9pm doesn’t it close soon?

She said oh honey mines is open till 3am. Then she told me about a 24 hour place that delivers.

Then I picked up a model who was a self proclaimed bitch. We talked about rom cons and the NBA. She was damn near an expert. Typed on her phone while analyzing the warriors and Knicks.

Drove until the end of the clippers game. Saw the very end. Felt good and that made me super happy.

You know what cured me this 24 hours of allergies: one benedryl.

Cubs lost.

Had a shrimp burrito for lunch.