went to the Book of Mormon last night

book of mormon

when i was at coachella i met a lovely young lady named daria from the los angeles times and we were all omg i havent seen the book of mormon either

so we said we would go before it ends its run and because she’s super committed to doing what she says shes gonna do

even if she is making plans while sipping on a moscow mule in the vip tent in the desert, we ended up on hollywood n vine last night

super good musical, which for some reason i didnt know was a musical, but south park, duh, they love to sing

and it was very funny.

i have an odd rule about comedy: i shy away from religious jokes.

i just think theyre too easy because religion is based on faith and for the most time we have no good reason to believe things we cant prove

which is why it’s called faith.

and i think peoples religions are a very personal, unique, magical, beautiful thing that should be respected no matter what they believe in.

the musical reminded me of a lot of things, particularly something i had totally forgotten:

about when I was regularly visited by these two Mormon elders when I was in Isla Vista

Jeanine hated that I would talk with them and I would read the Mormon bible with them

and we got a long so well.

here she had her first real boyfriend who she was living with and it looked like he was gonna turn Latter Day on her ass.

the elders and I hit a fork in the road when they invited me to be baptized.

i said i was baptized when i was a little kid, at this beautiful church in Washingon DC

they said nah that doesnt count

i asked Jesus was there wasnt he?

they said, um well yeah he was but hmmmm well

i said, no if Jesus was there all was good, sorry bros i gotta now go have sex with my hot gf.

i still have that bible. cuz they were nice dudes and it was interesting.

the play was amazing. i dont think ive been to a real live play like that since i was a kid.

i doubt i’ll wait 87 years to see my next one.