1. Monday, April 28, 2014

    i read about a DJ who died today of bad health who was younger than me 


    so i took the elevator downstair, past the women who came to see the DVF exhibit in their DVF wrap dresses

    and i walked to the salad joint to get a salad cuz im unhealthy and old and stupid and dumb

    and i have $11 burning a hole in my pocket


    some people just buy sliced and cut fruit from the fruit amigo but i like to eat my vegetables and drink my fruits

    even though thats probably against the skinny girl cocktail way of life which is typical

    eat my shorts


    when i win the lottery im just gonna eat mail order steak anyways and die in a digusting heap

    next to my Miró fountain of ginger ale

    a real artist, btw would only work with corn syrup, btw, fwiw, lol, brb, kthnxbi


    theres two paths you can go down in life, my lifecoach Pierre told me,

    you can be mediocre

    or be fabulously mediocre and advertise.


    which means for me paying an extra buck for extra avocado

    and winking at the girl for free eggs

    the Coke is only there for color.