Me and this lady from Canada were racing to the airport


She had to get back to Vancouver. Toot sweet!

In baseball they teach you to always be thinking what do I do if the ball is hit to me.

In Uber it’s all “if some nice lady who is a new grandma is rushing to the airport, which is the fastest route

especially if your Waze suddenly wants to ball up in a scared little ball?

i was near Montana in Santa Monica. The sun was resisting setting and giving the sky just a smidge more of blue.

I was thinking of you.

She came bustling out next to the busy street lined with parked cars and ppl coming home or going out to dinner.

as i was going south on 11th i was thinking Lincoln all the way? isnt that slow? but what about the freeways? what about that interchange? and who puts their lives on the line with the 405? especially these days.

me at carls jrher english wasnt good and i was thinking is she muslim? then i thought muslim isnt a dialect you dumbass.

i headed east a block, then west a block. i was snaking my way to the 10 but the lady didnt understand the double back

please i must get there by the straightest route.

she meant quickest, and the music wasnt cooperating either. it was Alien Ant Farm covering MJ’s “Smooth Criminal”

so much confusion, so much panic.

then the phone rang. it was “Uber”. i said, oh hey this is probably your daughter calling.

turned out it was.

“hi tony, you are driving my mom to the airport. can you tell her the plane has been delayed? no need to rush!”

and suddenly the Waze started working.

the lady and i smiled, i called out “sinatra” to my nav system

and the chairman of the board began singing to us on his Sirius XM channel.

but then i had to worry about getting a ticket at LAX for being an uber guy.

tell her to hug you tell her to hug you when you drop her off.

tell her to hug you the voice kept repeating in my ear.

circled LAX because i assumed Air Canada is in the Tom Bradley Terminal. turned out it is in Terminal 2.

no one was on the curb. so no need to hug.

beautiful night all around.