my mom doesnt like rihanna, i have no idea why

rihannashe sings beautifully, she dresses creatively, she speaks her mind

and when the photographer says hey riri why dont you take off your pants and arch your back, she does exactly that

have you ever heard a photog say your gurl from Barbados doesn’t give it her all?

now shes gonna play the Rose Bowl with Eminem. 100,000 people. $150 a ticket.

thats like 15 million to split between the camps.

finally Rihanna can pay for some pants.

personally i love her. and i am prepared to marry her.

sadly she is with my arch enemy, Drake.

the canadian is better than Chris Brown, but seriously why does she pick the worst ones.

i know every girl in the world loves Drizzy but clearly thats because of some crazy spell he paid for in the woods somewhere.

it will all wear off soon and shes gonna need a man twice her age who has enough pants for both of us.