sometimes you write into the void and nothing

kidand at first youre all wtf and then one day you write and write and

you get the sweetest cutest response back.

im sure thats what the aliens are doing to us.

im sure theyre sending us messages and sounds and songs and musical operas and

we’re just too busy or cray or uptight to hear it

but lawd knows as soon as we do we’ll be all

omg hi aliens omg hiiiiiiii!

there might be some of us who will be like

do NOT respond, they’ll invade us if we do, they’ll take all our stuff

they’ll eat our babies and make incredible love to our womens

they’ll destroy the internet, they’ll pollute the skies

they’ll move into echo park and ruin the housing market


our job on earth, and its an easier one than we think, is to be brave

we are here for the shortest tiniest little half note in the symphony

and we can either be an awkward rest

or we can be the coolest note

something tells me we here to sing.